22. September 2018

6. Komitas Competition within the Komitas Festival in Castle Prötzel near Berlin

Categories: Vocal and Piano


The competition is open to students and professional classical singers and
pianists of all ages and countries.

The preliminary round will be held online. Participants must upload on youtube or send via e-mail a recent 3-6 minutes video recording where they perform one piece from I.S. Bach or Komitas. Link to the recording must be send to the competition secretary together with the application form.

Application should be sent till 31.July.2018 /including/ to info@komitas-festival.de.

Application fee is 100 Euros should be transferred to Commerzbank BIK: COBADEFFXXX, IBAN: DE77 1204 0000 0010 8043 00 “Ekawjan &Co. GmbH” Purpose of payment: First Name, Last Name, Komitas and the copy of transfer must be included with the application material.

After completing the application all the vocalist participants will receive via e-mail pdf of a newly prepared publication of Komitas 19 songs with Latin transliteration of the Armenian text. Vocalists who need a pianist / accompanist should ask the competition secretary during June 10 and the competition will provide the accompanist with additional 40 Euros payment that will include 1-2 rehearsals and performance.

Only 12 Vocalists and 12 Pianists will be chosen by jury to take part in the next tour of competition.

Competition will provide the necessary invitation documentation for those who need to apply for Schengen Visa.

More information and application form you can find at:



  • 1.Preices 1500 Euro
  • 2.Preices 1000 Euro
  • 3.Preices 500 Euro
  • 1.Preices 1500 Euro
  • 2.Preices 1000 Euro
  • 3.Preices 500 Euro


1. One piece of J.S. Bach.
2. Two piece of Komitas
The total performance should be around 15-20 Minutes.

«Aram & Vagram Ekavyan G.G.»
Am Park 1, 15345 Prötzel (S-Bahn Strausberg Nord)
«Ekawjan & Co. GmbH»
Glinkastr. 32, 10117 Berlin
E-mail: info@komitas-festival.de
Tel: +49(0)33436 378177

List of participants 2014:


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